Cardiovascular fitness is the most important component of fitness in terms of its relation to health and well-being, but which exercises are best and how much do one really need it?

Quantum Fitness has all the answers which in combination

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Most of us know that strength training with machines can help build and maintain muscle mass and strength. What many of us don't know is that strong muscles lead to strong bones.

And strong bones can help minimize the risk of multiple

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Weight training is a system of physical conditioning using free weights like barbells, dumbbells and discs. Lifting weights increases muscle size, strength, power, and endurance.

It also burns calories and increases bone density.

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Group Exercise routines at Quantum Fitness are much beyond the loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement that it is typically synonymous to. This format of training at

Quantum Fitness offer both physiological and psychological

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A grueling workout regime that compels one to stretch his/her limits and push oneself to new heights. Sledge hammers, monkey bars, workout bands and dumbbells - they soon become more

than just workout tools.

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Weight Loss Program

To reach and stay at a healthy weight over the long term, One must focus on his/her overall healthy and lifeatyle habits in conjuring to a well-designed fitness programed and not just on what we eat. Quantum fitness weight-loss programs promote healthy behaviour that help one loss weight safety, that one stick with everyday and that help one tomkeep the weight off

Our safe and successful weight-loss programs include behaviours treatment, lifestyle counceling,

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Body Building

As bodybuilders and physique enthusiasts, one strives to create a symmetrical, proportional physique. During the quest of building such a physique, it is common to have muscles that are lagging in development compared to the rest of the body. In order to bring these lagging muscles� development up to match the rest of the body�s development,

they must receive focused and intense training. The workout

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Biceps are like
ornaments on
christmas tree


Weight Gain Program

Obtaining a healthy weight is one of the most important targets for anyone who is underweight. Yet it isn't the only reason individuals want to gain weight, as you might want to build muscle mass for sports or might be recovering from an illness. Post evaluating oneself and his/her needs Quantum Fitness offers a customized combination of diet and training

emphasizing on strategy, consistency, and work. A holistic

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Prompt Result Workout

There's something to be said about simplicity and speed-assume the shortest route is the best. And that's exactly what can be said about this workout plan. It's to the point, duly customized to gain the shape and size in limited period of time. And it focuses on four components to build you a new body: big-muscle exercises, metabolic conditioning, intensity, and diversity.

Put it all together, and one has a routine designed to build

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Biceps are like
ornaments on
christmas tree


At Quantum Gym we believe in fashioning fit lifestyle by finely conditioning both your body and soul. Humans are one of the most stunning creations of God and therefore deserves the best.

To extend the supreme health and fitness experience Quantum Fitness has devoted 5500 Sq. Ft. to finest ever facilities girded with cutting-edge equipment. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, we offer a wide range of programs providing a comprehensive solution for your individual health and fitness needs.

As a member of Quantum Fitness one will have exclusive access to the highest level of knowledge and innovation within the fitness area. Our seasoned team has considerable fitness expertise and will guide you through an array of workouts.


A venture introduced by three fitness enthusiasts Amit, Ankur Vijay and Shubham Jain is an initiative to revolutionize the health & fitness industry by providing typical solutions but resulting in an atypical outcome.

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Feel younger, live longer. It's no slogan � these are actual benefits of following a regularized fitness regime. People with high levels of physical fitness are at lower risk of fading from a variety of causes.

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We all know that what one eats is important. But what about when should one eat? Especially if you�re active? Remember, if one is exercising for general health and fitness;if one�s goals are more modest; and/or

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Personal trainers create and oversee workout routines for their clients. Instead of simply going to a gym and lifting weights, clients get personalized workouts catered to their specific physical needs. Plus, personal trainers watch their clients and make sure they're following through.

Quantum Fitness subscribes to new values where group exercises instructors, gym instructors, personal trainers meaning all the staff at the gym have been trained to the highest standards.

Choose your best from our bestest!

Ankur Vijay - Quantum Fitness Trainer

Ankur Vijay

A commerce graduate who was bullied for being lean, passionately took a challenge of body building with utmost confidence. Today the old skinny guy has transformed himself into a debonair super-fit individual, whose only objective is to spread awareness and education about fitness, eradicating all the myths floating around the same. Aspiration for many and striking for all, this Mr. Jaipur and Mr. Rajasthan position holder in body-building is all set out to revolutionize the fitness industry with his remarkable skills backed by exhaustive experience of around 10 years.

Subham Jain - Quantum Fitness Trainer

Shubham Jain

An IT engineer, a dancer and a theatre artist, was ones himself a roly-poly. His makeover is a result of sheer perseverance and dedication. Passion for fitness made him join the industry and then he never looked back. Popular as an aerobics instructor in his beginning days, is today a multifaceted gym junkie, expert in group exercises, weight training, cross-fit, aerobics and what not. This unlimited talent will not leave any stone unturned to support one and all to attain his/her fitness goals.

Vishnu Sharma - Quantum Fitness Trainer

Vishnu Sharma

A 30 yr old is having around 8 years of experience in fitness segment. A graduate in commerce never realized when his personal interest turned into a profession. This gym rat has been engaged in multiple occupations including education and event management. But this layering never clogged his craving for health & fitness. Interested in creating inclusive awareness, he is skillful in weight gaining as well as body building programs.

Narendra Mahawar - Quantum Fitness Trainer

Narendra Mahawar

BA, LLB, Fitness enthusiast! Isn't it surprising and exciting at the same time? Started gym to earn personal fitness, later opted it as a part time job and finally made it a full-time profession. The upward path clearly reflects his dedication and devotion. This is further exemplified by the satisfied members who were able to achieve remarkable transformation under his astute training. Functional training preacher as well as push-ups and plank-hold champion want to genuinely assist people in reaching the fitness goal, breaking all the misconceptions.


Jatin Sopra - Quantum Fitness Member

Quantum Fitness is the best gym that offers awesome experience. I was motivated not only by its advanced infrastructure but also with a well thought space design. I joined with a goal to have a lean physique and this gym proved to be a true catalyst. Have lost 2kgs and more to go! - Jatin Sopra

Priyanka Khandelwal - Quantum Fitness Member

The aura and equipment of Quantum Fitness is much superior than any other gym that I have visited. Approachable trainers are a value add. I had an objective to lose some weight and gain better immunity. Am sure I will soon attain the goal as Quantum Fitness truly inspires me to workout daily and keep going. - Priyanka Khandelwal

Rishabh Vohra - Quantum Fitness Member

Excessive body fat that had become a talk point insisted me to join Quantum Fitness. I had a target of reducing at least 20 kgs and I am already half way through, further looking at getting toned. Quantum Fitness is a first of its kind addiction that motivates and inspires to remain fit. Atmosphere, crowd, trainers and infrastructure all unite to further enhance the experience. - Rishabh Vohra

Ritesh Mathur - Quantum Fitness Member

It was Quantum Fitness location that attracted me to visit the gym. Later, I was motivated by the team to join with an objective to reduce weight. I have lost 12kgs which is very encouraging. I am impressed with the equipment that this gym has to offer. For the first time I was able to overcome my fear for treadmill. I find this gym to be the fittest one. - Ritesh Mathur



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